CL Electrolyzing Water Unit

CL Electrolyzing Water Unit

A Product of Sauveur Corporation
An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Tokyo, Japan

A very “Green” machine completely under a person’s control for type of
water, common house salt additive, and uses for cleansing and
disinfecting household, plants, pets and human surfaces.

A small change in timing will produce “drinkable” alkaline water


  1. Processes (1) gallon of water with approximately (1) teaspoon of
    table salt –
    (potassium) salt if applying to plants.

  2. A stand-alone unit. Other than a 110 volt plug-in, there are
    no hookups, inserts, filters, or any other additive other than water and
    common salt for the life of unit…3,000 hours of operation or about ten

  3. Since water cannot be used from well water – solubles will harm the
    membrane – distilled or other bottled water has to be used. This unit
    has no hookup to the sink making it fully functional in well water only

  4. The size of a coffee maker. Since there are no water or
    additive hookups, unit can be placed anywhere there is an electrical
    outlet. Water is mixed with salt in gallon containers and taken to unit
    for processing.

  5. Each unit comes with video instructions and a five-year
    full warranty
    – warranty service at service center in Michigan, USA.

  6. One unit can service several families or a whole community.
    Since production is five minutes per gallon, one unit can produce an
    abundance of water for many needs of different families or a close

  7. Water has a shelf-life of one week. The super disinfecting
    and cleansing reactive qualities are extremely effective for at least one

  8. A change in processing time from 5 minutes to 2 minutes will place
    the alkaline water in a pH and ORP range that is considered by many to be
    effective “drinking water” with beneficial effects when consumed.
    If in a well-water area (well water typically being alkaline), the acid
    side of the drinking solution could be beneficial as a septic tank
    for acid bacteria. Simply pour the acid side in your sink or

Price: $1,695.00
(plus shipping and handling)