Pandemic Alert

The thorough disinfecting and sanitizing abilities of the Sauveur CL are paramount to keeping your environment safe from the spread of disease.

Countertops, keyboards, handles, money, appliances, and everything we touch on a daily basis constitutes a portal for disease propagation and transmission.

The habit of using electrolyzed water routinely around the home and office can be extremely effective at killing microbial pathogens and mitigating disease transmission.

“Wuhan CoronoVirus”

A Vaccine Cure may be more than a Year Away! 

So, what is the Most Effective Protection Today?

Super Electrolyzed Water!

Kills Viral Micro-organisms and Protects against Infection!

Sauveur Units (Electrolyzed Solution Generators) Produce

Super Electrolyzed Water that Penetrates Biofilm and Kills Viruses

Temple University’s School of Podiatric Medicine

Extensively evaluated the Sauveur Units in 2013 and observed in part:

  1. “Super-oxidized” low Ph acidic solutions provide effective topical antiseptic killing of micro-organism/spore count (viral, fungal and bacterial) with no harm to higher multi-cellular organisms (human cells).
  2. “Super-reductive” high Ph alkalinized solutions used as a pre-treatment to “Super – oxidized” solutions may enhance the antimicrobial viral effect by attacking viral protective shields known as “viral biofilms”. Removing biofilms from a viral colony exposes the virus to the super-oxidized solution effectively killing the colony and any other viral mutations.

      Understanding Viral Infections

The human body is normally in balance with viral and bacterial microorganisms.  When an unknown virus infects a human cell the immune system begins to fight the virus. If the human host has a weak immune system, a massive viral colonization rapidly evolves by feeding on human cells resulting in sickness and death in some cases.  Other than vaccines, the cure is the relationship between a person’s immune system and time.  Your immune system needs time to react to a virus; so, take care of yourself, rest, use symptom medication, and slow viral colonization by any means.

Buying TIME for your Immune System to Kill the Virus

Recent internet postings claim that gargling with a salt water solution (saline) will kill the coronavirus. The World Health Organization says otherwise. There is ample internet evidence, however, that saline gargling will at least slow growth of viral colonization when in contact with hypochlorous acid – in saline water.  Slowing viral colonization with a weak immune system could save a human life irrespective of the expert’s opinion; so, gargle anyway!  Now, to buy real time for your immune system, convert the saline solution to “Super Electrolysed Water”.  You will need a Sauveur unit or any other unit having similar Ph and ORP results.  See for more information about available Sauveur units for sale and how to use this water for pennies per gallon to disinfect viral exposure, kill viral colonies, and help as many as 100 families per unit.  Consider anything that might slow viral colonization.  The cure is within your immune system given enough time with a little help to formulate its miracle of life.