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The outbreak of Coronavirus in China, and the forced quarantine of millions of people represents a threat to world-wide health.

Unfortunatedly many have died quickly. The threat of "PANDEMIC" is very real.

The Sauveur CL produces electrolytic water with alkaline pH to destroy the biofilm that protects the virus, and acidic pH water to disinfect and sanitize on contact.

Protect your family with the Sauveur CL Electrolytic Water


1. Viruses create a biofilm coating that protects them from dieing outside a host body.

2. Electrolyzed alkaline water with a high pH will destroy the biofilm that protects the virus.

3. Once the biofilm coating is destroyed, the virus is unprotected, and can be killed with electrolyzed acidic pH water.

Super Electrolyzed Water Disinfectant & Sanitizer


(pronounced: save-your)

What is it?

The Sauveur Super Electrolyzer (pronounced “save+your”),
is manufactured by the Sauveur Corporation, Tokyo Japan.

Sauveur is French for “savior”

Chemically, the Sauveur CL electrolyzed water consists of distilled
water, table salt, and electricity.

What does it do?

It makes pH specific water from 2.5 pH acidic up to 11.5 pH alkaline water.

It electrolyzes the pH specific acid water with an electrical potential of 1100 mv – 1200 mv, and can maintain potential of over 1000 mv for a week on the acidic water.  The alkaline water represents a negative ORP charge of -700mv to -900mv, and is generally useful for up to 48 hour.

Why do I need it?

Both the acidic solution and alkaline solutions are useful as a powerful, but safe, disinfectant, sanitizer, and degreaser / cleanser. Highly effective at killing viruses, bacteria, microbial organisms, germs, spores, and disease upon contact. Trusted by restaurants, hotels, hospitals, food packaging, healthcare, and various industries for keeping people safe in a complex world full of biological risk.

More specifically the acid (sodium hypoclorous) solution is a powerful but safe disinfectant and sanitizer.  While the alkaline (sodium hydroxide) solution is a wide-range cleanser and degreaser.

The “Green” solution to caustic and dangerous chemical compounds.  And at pennies per gallon, saves substantial expense over the cost of chemical solvents and acids.

How do I make it?

Electrolyzed water is made in 5-8 minutes or less using distilled water and table salt.  See HERE for detailed instructions.

How long does it last?

The alkalized water of higher pH will rapidly neutralize within hours.  However the acid water will last for 1 week before neutralizing.

For what specific applications can I use it?

Some of the multitude of uses of Electrolyzed water for home and industry can be found HERE.

How do I use both the Acidic & Alkaline solutions properly?

Instructions on how to apply each solution properly are explained HERE.

Is it safe to use internally?

Although some people advocate internal use of milder pH blends, this website does not recommend this product for internal use, nor does the manufacturer.

Has the Sauveur  Electrolyzer been lab tested for effectiveness or safety?

Yes,  Temple University did a thorough study of the appliance.  Their letter of findings is found HERE.

What does it cost?

The price of the Sauveur Electrolyzer is $1995. To purchase 2 units the price drops to $1795 each.